Sunday, March 21, 2010

francisco coching: an inspiration

Was able to buy a reprinted copy of the great komiks creator Francisco Coching's 1954 Lapu-Lapu. Been reading it nightly, struggling with the deep and age-old Filipino language but loving how the phrases flow and feel like home. The foreign yet familiar rich word play touching my indigenous senses and profoundly connecting me to my Filipino roots --- cathartic.

I just love how expressive the old Filipino language used to be! The words and phrases to describe anger, love, lust, beauty, etc. were filled with so much emotion and depth that reading Lapu-Lapu gave me goosebumps. Read it out loud and you can actually taste how beautiful and exquisite the language really is.

Someday, I hope to visually translate the awesomeness of the old Filipino language into photographs. Soon, soon. :)