Thursday, November 4, 2010


One rainy afternoon, I arrived at the home of one of my idols, Ms. Gilda Cordero-Fernando, for an Anik-Anik Love interview. 

Our first meeting, I was nervous. She was curious. 

She was writing about young Filipinas who aren't bound by gender, the select few who can genuinely fall in love with both men & women. Is gender swinging a growing trend in young women nowadays? Are there really no gender limits when it comes to love?

I, on the other hand, was cooking up a project that explores bisexuality through photographs. 

We spent an entire afternoon just talking about the complications of life, the fluidity of love, and the need to express one's self --- the perfect ingredients for a collaboration. 

Tita Gilda asked if I can contribute a photograph for her article on gender swinging, of course I said yes! To work with THE Ms. Gilda Cordero-Fernando, famed writer and cultural icon, is a dream come true! :)

Check out the article here!

Philippine Daily Inquirer 
Oct. 31, 2010


  1. hey mitch! saw this one. actually, conrad saw it first then showed it to me. nice! congrats!

    so...whose lips belong to whom? ;)

  2. isa lang ang nahulaan ko di ko pa sure kung tama hahaha!